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Spring/Summer Palette Challenge 2012

It seems that only one force is great enough to bring me back to my sewing machine after a too-long absence. The Colette Spring/Summer Palette Challenge.

To be fair, I actually have sewn quite a bit in the last few months…all blogging evidence to the contrary. It’s just that very little of it has been for my own wardrobe. First, I took a hand-sewing class at FIT, a local college, where I handmade a silk charmeuse half slip with lace trim. Then, I worked on a local theater production and hemmed pants and sewed buttons like a demon. But my own fall and winter wardrobe benefited very little from all this handiwork.

I think it’s time that changed, don’t you? It all started with an image. Before the announcement was made that the palette challenge would be back on, I found myself drooling and dreaming over this beautiful photograph:


(Photo from Lena Hoschek catalog.)

Images of summer on the Isle of Capri filled my head. Wearing white eyelet sundresses while riding around on a bright orange Vespa (with a picnic basket full of bread and fresh olive tapenade, of course). Blue skies, puffy white clouds, tranquil turquoise waters and gorgeous, deep green foliage dotted by yellow, pink and red blooms. Ah, beautiful. Now I’ve never been to Capri — and I’m not sure that’s where this photograph was actually taken — but it’s how I imagine it would be.

And then I discovered that my daydreaming of Italia had already manifested itself in my small fabric stash. In fact, some of the very same colors that filled my fantasies were part of my Popsicle inspired 2011 Spring Palette Challenge. I guess these are just the colors that say summer to me.


I’m actually glad that I’m feeling inspired by a similar set of colors as last year. It means that my modest collection of 2 pieces (a jacket, a blouse, and a skirt) will have some coordinating items this summer.

Now to figure out what those items will be.