What comes first? An age-old debate

I have mentioned that I read a lot of different sewing blogs (see the links over there on the right for just a few). One common theme I notice among them is that many of my fellow sewists have sizable fabric stashes. Not this chica.

As much as I wish I could surround — even swaddle — myself in yard after yard of printed pretties, my cramped NYC digs just won’t allow for that. Yet somehow I have an enormous quantity of patterns. Don’t believe me? Check it out:

There's four more boxes where this one came from.

This means that when I set about to sew, I always start with the pattern and then go shopping for just the right fabric in the the requisite yardage to suit it. This was one of the challenges presented by the Spring Palette Challenge. I kept thinking a particular pattern would be perfect in X color of X fabric…and then not finding that combination. Or worse yet, falling in love with fabrics but not having the pattern that was just right for it. And without that, how would I know how much fabric to buy? My poor, little upturned apple cart.

All this to say that I am working on a totally different dress than ever included in my Popsicles and Icicles plan. This way late in the game (seeing as how the challenge is technically over and all) addition is going to be a minty green McCall’s 6162. It would have been finished by now if not for my weekend narcolepsy (seriously, it happens) but it’s coming soon I swear.

How about you guys? What comes first in your sewing room? The pattern or the fabric?


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