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What comes first? An age-old debate

I have mentioned that I read a lot of different sewing blogs (see the links over there on the right for just a few). One common theme I notice among them is that many of my fellow sewists have sizable fabric stashes. Not this chica.

As much as I wish I could surround — even swaddle — myself in yard after yard of printed pretties, my cramped NYC digs just won’t allow for that. Yet somehow I have an enormous quantity of patterns. Don’t believe me? Check it out: Continue reading


Spring Palette Challenge: To Be Continued…

Happy April, y’all! With the start of the new month comes lots of rainy days (at least it does here in the northeast) and the end of Colette Spring Pattern Challenge. Technically.

My initial plan was to sew a blouse, a skirt, a jacket and two dresses. You’ll notice the conspicuous absence of any dress progress. So I will be continuing sewing these pieces into the next month. At the end, I will have to track down a photographer and do a full fashion shoot of my “collection.” And tulips. Because spring photos should always have tulips.