Academy Awards 2011: Loved it, Hated It!

The end of awards season is such a bittersweet time for me. Because I review movies weekly, I see a lot of films throughout the year. But once the year-end lovefest begins, I make an effort to see the year’s best in earnest. I even saw all of the Oscar-nominated animated shorts this year. If you’re interested, I was rooting for The Gruffalo, one of three nominated films starring the insane wonder that is Helena Bonham Carter:

Maybe it’s because she’s not wearing two different shoes this time around, but I kind of dig this dress. It was made for her by costume designer Colleen Atwood. It may not be “fashion” but it does put me in the mind of a time when studio costume designers like Adrian and Edith Head were as influential as any auteur director or high-paid leading lady.

Natalie Portman also decided to recognize her costume designers for Black Swan in this drapey Rodarte gown:

That is one hot baby momma. That rich, luscious shade of purple would be amazing even if she weren’t glowing. Or maybe it wouldn’t:

Great color or no, Scarlett looks my granny’s boudoir curtains in this lace monstrosity. Another not-so-rocking lace contraption was worn by Melissa Leo:

She looks like origami foil wrapped in a paper doilly. And I’m not just saying that because I hated The Fighter. Meanwhile, Cate Blanchett looked like an intricately bejeweled Easter egg. And I loved it.

If my Facebook news feed is to be believed, this Givenchy dress was very polarizing. I can see why it’s not for everyone. Only Cate (or maybe wackadoo wonderful Tilda Swinton) could wear something this high-fashion and high-concept. Those broads have personality and balls for days.

I really loved all the color on the red carpet this year. So often, the Oscars are a parade of black and navy blue sequined somethings. Or else sleek, white Calvin Klein numbers. Red dresses are about as daring as it usually gets. So it was great to see Natalie, Cate and Mila rocking the pretty colors:

Mila channeled her pastel-loving, Elie Saab-wearing goddess and looked AMAZING. The delicate lace detail around her bust and interwoven throughout the dress is how you wear lace and not look like grandma’s tablecloth, ladies.

Also winning on the red carpet, if not on the Oscar stage, even though she really deserved to for a wonderfully worthy performance in True Grit…but I digress:

Hallie Steinfeld wins my love. Seriously. She has been appropriately, impeccably dressed and otherwise darling all awards season. That buff color? Brilliant! That tea length? Perfect! That diamond headband? Adorable! Not only did she help design this gorgeous Marchesa, she also wore those sky-high heels all evening. When I was 14, those shoes would have toppled me over at least a dozen times.

On the other end of the age-appropriate spectrum:

That body just won’t stop, will it? And the gunmetal grey is great with her silver hair. If you ask me, Helen Mirren can do no wrong. Last but not least:

James Franco in a dress is a girl’s best friend.

What did you guys think? Is Cate’s dress a little too artsy crafty? Does Melissa’s tribute to Elvis (thank you, thank you very much) turn you on? Do you wish Edith Head would come back to life and live in your closet? Weigh in on the comments.


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