I’m So Over You

That’s right, Butterick 5147. I am so over you. If you’ll recall, I started working on the muslin for this “simple” sheath dress back in January. In the interim, it has driven me to drink, diet, then drink some more. (It has also garnered an unfortunate number of page hits for people looking for “big-bootie girls.” Great. My new claim to fame.).

After I sobered up, I finished this:

Truth told, the dress is simple. Three pieces. A handful of darts. A lining and a zipper. No biggie, right? My body, on the other hand, is decidedly complex. I am shapely but not small. I have a wide back but am not particularly busty.  And, worst/best of all, I am carrying around Belize strapped below my waist.

The changes that went into making me body dismorphic this dress fit were manifold. First, I emailed the super-helpful Carolyn to ask for her advice since this is a dress that she has made work for her time and again. She suggested that I remove the waist darts. When I did on my second muslin, my tummy disappeared..but so did my breasts.

That led to muslin #3. In that version, I actually cut a smaller size on top. I had started with an all-over 20 in the first two incarnations. The size 18 stopped some of the unattractive fabric pooling above my backside.

Then I shortened (but didn’t completely remove) both the front and back darts, as suggested in the Vogue Sewing book as the adjustment for “a large posterior.” I knew there had to be one!

As a reward to myself for enduring the rigors of accurate body measurement and acceptance, I used this wackadoo wonderful zebra satin charmeuse from fabric.com (the boucle is also from there) to line it.

I’m glad I went through this. I have not really focused on fit in my sewing before. And I know it’s knowledge that I will take with me into my next projects. Plus, I also learned how to use tailor’s tacks (I’d previously been marking with chalk or a pen but this boucle was having none of that.) Still, I am definitely glad to be done with this one for now.

What do you think? How did I do with these adjustments?

(P.S. To see someone really work the heck out of this pattern, visit Diary of a Sewing Fanatic. She’s freaking amazing.)


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