Golden Globes: Loved it! Hated it!

Ah, awards season. It’s like Christmas for both clotheshorses and movie lovers. And I am both. Last night was The Golden Globes Awards ceremony. Aside from thinking that the Hollywood Foreign Press has lost it (really, nominations for Best Film Comedy/Musical for The Tourist and Burlesque? Did you see those movies, guys? Er, um. Okay.) and that Ricky Gervais’s new muscles have given him some sort of mean-spirited comedy ‘roid rage, the whole experience was pretty pleasant.

My favorite moments: the awards presented by Tilda Swinton. I love that crazy-pants broad, even if I haven’t seen I Am Love yet. Did you hear the way she rolled those “r’s” and popped those “p’s”? Did you hear her say televisual? TWICE? I even love that dress she was wearing, looking like an Obi Wan Kenobi-themed wedding dress at David’s Bridal. Yes! Tilda. Yes!

Speaking of crazy:

I have to ask  what is going on with Helena Bonham Carter. Remember when she was Miss Honeychurch, all British sweetness and light? Or even when she filched Kenneth Branagh away from Emma Thompson, that sexy little minx. Now, she looks like a character out of one her husband’s films. She is wearing two different shoes, for criminy’s sake. Two. Different. Shoes.

Oh, and January. Sweet, beautiful January. I know you don’t want to dress like it’s the 1960s in your off time. I get the whole work-life balance thing. But must you dress like it’s the 1980s and you make your living under a bridge? A very formal, black-tie bridge?

All right, enough with my Ricky Gervais impression. I can be nice. And there were actually quite a few dresses that I loved. Let’s start with Hailee Steinfeld:

So pretty. So age-appropriate. And I do love that little pop of turquoise against the white dress. Next up, Natalie Portman:

I think pink and red make a pretty combination but can seem too little-girly and treacly. Except when you’ve got a bun in the oven. Then, it’s just perfect. Also perfect:

Nothing about this look is my style. But Pixie cuts, daisy appliques, and butt ruffles just suit Michelle Williams free-spirited personality. She’s like that girl who comes to prom barefoot…only she smells better. This dress doesn’t match the splendor of her yellow Oscar dress but it’s still pretty cute.

Kyra’s dress actually reminds me of Michelle’s yellow Oscar dress but it’s a little more on the orange side. Tangerine was my favorite color for a little while. I wore it all the time. But I never thought to pair it with turquoise accessories as Kyra does here with her earrings and bracelet. Stunning.

You know what, Patty Stanger? Some people do like redheads. Especially if they’re talented, class acts like this lady here. I wish she weren’t so rumpled from the waist down (stupid satin in a stupid limo). But she looked simply divine above the waist all night.

Finally, Scarlett. I don’t think this photo does the dress justice. When she was on stage and smiling, the whole alabaster skin/sparkling alabaster dress/red lipstick combination looked so much more radiant.

How about you guys? Do you have favorites I failed to highlight here? Do you think Mrs. Tim Burton’s tribute to Punky Brewster is genius? Or that Jen Lindley needs to take her daisies back to Dawson’s Creek? Weigh in on the comments.


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