New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve got a secret. Come closer. I don’t want to say this too loud.

I’m a dirty girl.

Okay, maybe not dirty. But definitely messy. As I’m sure you’ve seen from my handful of photos of my sewing projects and outfits, my floors are far from spotless. What you can’t see are the bits of paper my cat has clawed to pieces in her outrage with me (for I dunno, not being a cat, I guess) or the clothes piled onto a chair when they should be neatly folded or hung up in the closet. As I navigate the blogosphere, I see all of these wonderful women with organized, well decorated and downright charming (not to mention actually photographable) homes and end up feeling like Wayne and Garth: not worthy.

So my big new year’s resolution is to be neater about my space and kinder to my things. I like my home — rented, though it may be — and my things. That’s why I bought or made those things. I wouldn’t throw the people or that darn cat I love so well on a pile on the floor. So I will put my belongings away in a timely, non-piled up on tables, chairs or floors sort of way. See, mom, I am a grown up. Sort of. Almost.

Other resolutions:

  • Find more time for this blog. I’m pretty sure no one is reading but that’s okay.
  • Finish one sewing project each month. It wasn’t a resolution last year. I didn’t know if I’d even like sewing when I started but that ended up being the pace I set in 2010. It would be silly to regress.
  • On another sewing related note, start doing a muslin for each project, or as the Europeans call it, a “toile.” I know, what a novel idea! For anyone new to sewing, that’s a mock-up of a sewing project in inexpensive fabric, usually cotton muslin (hence, the name), to test fit and construction issues before cutting into pricier fabric. Almost every seamstress worth her salt does it, but little old me didn’t know better before. As my dear gran would say, “once you know better, you should do better.”

That seems manageable, right?


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