Designer Impostors

Do you remember that line of perfumes called Designer Impostors? They had brazen, unrepentant statements on their labels like: “If you like Giorgio, you’ll love Primo.” And, oh, but I did love it. Primo was my very first signature scent.

While I’ve forsaken that drug-store brand for Chanel No. 5, I’ve never owned a ton of designer clothes. In high school, I happened upon a pair of Norma Kamali purple/burgundy/white floral palazzo pants for $10 in a thrift store. I loved those pants so much that for years, I counted down the days until warm weather so that I could break out my First Day of Spring pants. But normally, I’m a designer impostors kind of girl.

Imitation, after all, is the sincerest form of flattery. I’ve got the phoney-Missoni and Hermes-esque dresses to prove it. Now, I’ve also got this Diane von Furstenberg-like wrap dress.

Pattern: Vogue 8379
Fabric: Angora blend wool jersey (Mood Fabrics)

Working with this angora-blend wool jersey nearly drove me to drink on numerous occasions. The edges curled while I was cutting it, although I think I’ve managed to keep the edges from acting up by zigzag stitching the seam allowances.  The collar and lapels, despite being interfaced, refuse to lay flat. And I had to add a snap closure on the inside to prevent my boobs from popping out to bid you good day (I said, good day, sir!).

Still, the color scheme and big, painterly floral print on this dress reminds me of those old favorite palazzos. Plus, the dress is lightweight, exceedingly soft and warm.

I suppose it’s hardly DVF. But for right now, it’s just Primo!


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