A Gathering Storm (and other bad puns)

I did ultimately decide to abandon the wrap skirt. I don’t wear ’em, don’t want to, and couldn’t make myself okay with using the very pretty embroidered linen I picked up at Mood on such a thing. So I moved on down my Sew School list to what I thought was the next easiest thing, Butterick 5285.

There are actually four different looks possible with this pattern. After reading through the instructions, I chose view A. No pleating, no second fabric. I anticipated the zipper would be my only challenge.

As if!

First, there were the pattern pieces themselves. This was my first time using the tissue-paper pattern pieces (Kwik Sew uses a heavier weight). My curious kitty fell instantly in love. It took all sorts of cunning, strength, and chewy treats to wrangle the pieces away from her without her tearing them to shreds. I love her but, gee wiz, I now understand the saying about curiosity killing the cat. I almost did.

Then my goregous olive green fabric betrayed me. I don’t know if it shrunk in the wash or what. But what I thought was 60 inches wide (selvage to selvage) turned out to be 52 inches wide. WTF? That meant that I couldn’t lay out the pattern pieces properly.

This is where I started working without a net, measuring my waist, hips, and the length of the skirt and cutting with no other guidelines. Risky business, let me tell you. But it seemed to be working out, plus the pattern instructions for inserting the zipper were blessedly clear and helpful.

Not so much with the instructions for gathering. After breaking the thread and starting over TWICE, I broke out my manuals — the Sew Everything Workshop book, along with my newly acquired Vogue Sewing Book — and the handiest tool of all, YouTube.

This gathering was definitely NOT magic.

I’m afraid it still isn’t perfect. But I’m tired and not ripping it out again. I just have to fit the waistband, hem the bottom, and add the hook-and-eye closure and I’m closing the book on this one.

If the Highlander franchise is to be believed, the finished product should be electrifying. After the gathering comes the quickening, right?


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