What’s New Pussycat (Woooa-oooa)

You’re so kind for asking. The kid’s been hard at work. I’ve got about a million movies to see this weekend. You have been reading my reviews over at A1 Movie Reviews, haven’t you? That’s where I put the actual reviews. But I save my snarky love letters just for you guys here.

Stay tuned. Something tells me Garry Marshall’s celebfest, Valentine’s Day is gonna inspire lots of snark.

Also, I’ve been hemming and hawing (pun entirely intended) about what my next sewing project will be. I had planned on the wrap skirt from Sew Everything Workshop but meh. Wrap skirts get even less play in my closet than tunics.

I have recently been obsessing about 1940s fashion. A triple-header of The Big Sleep, The Good German, a The Black Dahlia will do that to a gal. So I’m wondering if a swingy circle skirt might be in order. Check back in soon to see what I decide.

P.S. Isn’t Lauren Bacall a babe?


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