Manhattan Vintage Show and Bananas

I love vintage clothes. It might not seem as obvious with me as with other girls because I tend not to wear a ton of vintage. There are two good reasons for it:

1) Blame it on the WWII rations but people in the 1940s and1950s (my favorite era of vintage fashion) were tiny. And I am not. So I don’t count on finding anything that fits me.

2) As much as I appreciate the styles — both the utilitarian menswear-inspired suits of the 40s and the ultra-feminine tiny waists and wide hips of Dior’s New Look — I don’t appreciate the itchy, scratchy, unlined fabrication.

That means I’m more likely to wear modern clothes with retro styling and accessories. It doesn’t, however, mean that I can resist the mother of all vintage fairs, The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show. There were dozens of vendors selling everything from turn-of-the-century chemises to fur stoles and muffs.

Let me just say how hard it was to resist all that gorgeous mink, fox, rabbit, seal (I know it’s endangered but it’s not like it’s NEW seal). But my pockets are hardly deep enough to support my taste and I got away pretty cheaply. I did end up with a brand new hat. Vintage hats. I die. Bananas.

Sorry. I was channeling Rachel Zoe there for a second. Perhaps it’s because I was shopping just a few feet away from her for parts of the day. I saw her ogling some 40-year-old Chanel. She does love her Chanel. I’m sure it would fit her…she looks to weigh something in the realm of 12 pounds soaking wet with 5 pound weights in each pocket. It was hard see a person at all under all that hair and giant sunglasses.

Anyway, enough about stylists to the stars (can’t wait for the new season, btw).  The next fair is in April and I plan to be there. I wonder who I’ll sight then. As long as there more beauties like these in store, it doesn’t matter.


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