Fantastic Elastic – Kwik Sew 3765

I’ve been busy with actual, paying work this week but I decided that I would still make time to sew. Just because I work from home doesn’t mean my workday should be 18 hours long, right? I’m finding that keeping my hands busy in my off time really helps me hit a reset button in my brain so that I can go on working.

Besides, Lola was singing my name. Oh, you haven’t met Lola officially, have you? Here’s my seductress in the flesh. Well, plastic and metal parts.

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.

The pattern I scheduled next for my Sew School was Kwik Start 3765. It’s a simple elastic waist skirt designed for a firm knit or woven. It came with the option for three lengths. I ended up going with the denim that I had left over from making the tote bag. I only bought a three-yard remnant piece at my local Sav-a-Thon but I swear this is the denim that will not end. So expect to see more of it in future projects. The only other notions I had were a yard of 1″ elastic band and thread.

Since I chose denim, I had to go with one of the two shorter lengths. Because a long denim skirt is just too dowdy (sorry mom). I chose View C, which wasn’t supposed to have a slit. But I wanted the experience of creating one so I did it anyway.

So, how did it go?

First, let me say that they should change the name of this craft from sewing to “pinning and pressing.” Luckily, I had the season premiere of Lost to keep me company. Don’t worry, Naveen Andrews, Josh Holloway, and Matthew Fox, you sexy beasts. My pricked thumbs aren’t sorry.

Anyway, I felt really on top of things…until I had to insert the elastic band. The pattern suggested that I attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic as I pulled it through the casing. Great idea except that my safety pin decided to break about two inches before it was scheduled to exit the opening. Since I was already most of the way around, I didn’t want to pull it back out. Instead, I thought I’d use my seam ripper and open the casing just enough to grab the pin and the elastic band.

Right. So let’s just say that there’s about two inches worth of waistband I’ll be concealing with a blouse. I can’t describe it. Here’s what it looks like:

Yup, screwed this one up

All told, this skirt took me about eight hours to make. I’m sure this makes me a slow-poke but this project was even more fun and turned out better than the first two.

Here’s what I learned:
– How to change my machine needle. I can’t deny Lola when she asks nicely.
– How to change a presser foot. I had to use the zipper foot to close the opening in the elastic casing.
– How to insert an elastic
– Marking the pattern pieces with little pieces of tape that say front, back, waist, center, side. This was Kwik Sew’s amazingly helpful advice that I think I will always use.

Mama's Little Helpers

Tools I used:
– Sewing gauge
– Embroidery scissors
– Seam ripper
– Pins
– Fabric Shears
– Ironing board and iron
– A Glass of “Bitch” brand wine. Stitch and Bitch, get it? (background)
– Cloth bandage tape for marking pieces (not shown)

Voila! The finished product. What do you think?

And styled by moi for street wear.


2 responses to “Fantastic Elastic – Kwik Sew 3765

  1. You did a great job! I love it with the belt-quite sassy.

    • blogofalltrades

      Hey, Lynda. Thanks for the compliment! And thanks for reading. Do you also have a blog? I don’t see the link, but I’d love to check it out.

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