Tunic or not tunic? Adventures in sewing cont’d

I really enjoyed getting to know my machine and the limits of my cutting skills. So I decided to move on up to something wearable. My next project: a simple tunic dress. I used Kwik Sew’s Kwik Start pattern 3683.

So easy, a caveman could do it

I decided on this one thanks to some advice from my friendly neighborhood fabric store employee at Paron Fabric on 40th Street and 7th Avenue in the Garment District. She said that these patterns are great for beginners because they offer more in-depth instruction than typical patterns. And she was right. I love the fact that not only are there great explanations of things like selvages (those are the finished ends of a piece of fabric) and the grain, the patterns are also made of a heavier-weight paper than the tissue-paper ones that come with typical patterns.

This particular style was also great because it involved joining just two pieces. No zippers, elastic bands or hooks and eyes. Woohoo!  Here’s the finished product.

That's not a belt. THAT's a belt.

You’ll notice two changes from the pic on the pattern envelope (there I go making modifications already). The first is that I didn’t make the fabric self-belt that came with it. I realize I hate those things on store-bought clothes so why waste the time and effort. Also, I added a trim to the top of the tunic to mask my atrocious cutting skills. Seriously, can someone offer construction paper 101? I guess this is what happens when you skip kindergarten. The trim did add some extra weight to the neckline so that it doesn’t lie flat. But I figured between that and looking like Betty Rubble, it was the lesser of two evils.

The fabric is a teal cotton jersey from Paron and the trim is from my local Sav-a-thon. What do you think?


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