Review Haiku: Star Trek

This ship is nice and all but we sure wish Roxanne were here to tell us haiku.

Set warp engines to full-haiku ahead.

Since I’m backed up on promised reviews and there are more things on Earth to talk about than movies, I’ve come up with a new shorthand review style I’d like to test-run on Star Trek.

Without further ado, REVIEW HAIKU:
(See what I did there with the rhyming? I slay me.)

Way to go, J.J.
New timeline for Kirk and Spock –
Non-Trekkies rejoice!

Romulan bad guy
Played by made-over Bana
Blows up Vulcan. Yikes!

Mission to save Earth
From an identical fate
Means two Spocks at once.

Just add James T. Kirk,
Sulu, Scottie, and Chekhov.
The gang is all here.

Oops, don’t forget Bones.
Karl Urban is an actor
Not a copycat.

Spock and Uhura
Didn’t snog in the Sixties.
They get it on now.

That was sort of a haiku epic poem. A little Kobayashi Issa (not to be confused with the Kobayashi Maru) meets Virgil.


One response to “Review Haiku: Star Trek

  1. You have elevated a genre and a poetic form. Dag, you’re good.

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