India: My Teenage Love Affair

I just found out a friend of mine is headed to India for a few months for work. Ever heard the phrase green with envy? Well, color me chartreuse.

Mr. Telephone Man

Hey, India. Call me, okay? I'm free on Friday.


Ever since I was little girl, I’ve had a love affair with India in my head. Officially, it started with a  TV movie called Night Train to Kathmandu, in which a young Milla Jovovich goes on a hunt for the mysterious “City that Never Was.” As an adult, I realize that the film is actually about Nepal but my 10-year old brain knew little of India’s strained relationship with its neighbor to the north.

Even as I get older and have come to understand the difference between Nepal and India (and Pakistan, too) and even as America’s tunnel vision of this ancient place is populated with nothing but job-stealing customer service representatives and telemarketers, I remain transfixed.

As the years have gone by, Hollywood (and all those Saturday morning Bollywood movies on cable that I can just barely understand the plot of) has done nothing but strengthen my fascination. From City of Joy to Monsoon Wedding, A Passage to India to Kamasutra, and Train to Pakistan to Slumdog Millionaire, I see a place that is often poor of pocket but rich with history, language, food, music, history and color. Always color.

How could a girl not be mesmerized?


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