The Other Da Vinci Code

I bet she had a lot of irons in the fire too.

I've got a lot of irons in the fire too, Leo.

Now for the [most] part your porter is [some] broken citizen, who hath [pled] Jack- of-all-trades… – Geffrey Mynshul, ‘Essays and Characters of a Prison’, 1612

Do you know those people who become obsessed with a thing and must know everything there is to know about it? Yeah, that would be me.

Last week, it was creating the perfect Kim Kardashian smoky eye; last month, hand-making headband fascinators. In college, there was feng shui and Middle English; in high school, etymology; in middle school, magazines. Well, it’s always been magazines but you get the picture.

Whatever “it” is, I study the who, what, when, and wherefore of it until I am just about on the verge of being called as an expert witness on said thing by District Attorney Jack McCoy. And then, I move on.

Come back and say it in a trustworthy manner, missy.

Come back here and say it in a trustworthy manner, missy.

I guess that makes me one of those proverbial “Jack of all trades.” Some people will call it attention deficit disorder. Our 17th century pal, Geff, who coined the phrase, considered it “broken” citizenry. I prefer to think of it as being a Renaissance woman for the millennial generation. (Roxanne da Vinci does have a nice ring to it, no?)

So, in honor of the spirit of the tireless polymath in me—and all of you—I give you The Blog of All Trades, a source of news, reviews and tutorials about film, fashion, finance, food, wine, beauty, travel, crafty stuff and whatever the heck else strikes my fancy.


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